Sony Ericsson TM506 – Butterfly



When people think of Sony Ericsson they ultimately look for the best and so to live-up to the expectations of its users it has come up with a yet another mind blowing gizmo “Sony Ericsson TM506“.

It’s truly an ultra-chic business-plus butterfly with every Data transfer facility available along with memory stick micro card slot and a 35 MB shared memory. To mix business with pleasure in a stylish and enticing manner the handset has been colored either emerald or chrome with amber.

To entertain you to the maximum extent after a long day’s work it has been bestowed with an excellent music system. Although all this might have been fulfilling enough, but, to give it a plus point there’s also present a second external TFT display which always keep a track of time and date for you.All this can’t be found in any other handset. So come; to get sooo much… not in too much.

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