Overheating Issues on iPhone 4S

Solutions to Low Battery Life and Overheating Issues on iPhone 4S

Overheating Issues on iPhone 4S

Ever since the iOS5 and iPhone 4S were released in October, early adopters have been complaining about issues such as overheating handsets and short battery life. Some solutions to these problems have emerged, but unfortunately they’re not from Apple. Many users found that their brand new iPhone 4S become unnaturally hot and lose battery life quickly. Some analysts found that two processes called CrashReport and dataaccessd were spiking CPU usage. They cause the iPhone 4S to undergo a crash loop and it eats up plenty of battery life.

Crash loop is nothing new among Apple’s devices, the same issue was reported to happen on iPhone 4 with iOS 4.2.1. It is suspected that the problem is related to corrupted contact and iCloud synchronization. When a contact contains corrupted details, the phone tries to fix it by syncing the contact through the cloud. But because the cloud is unavailable, the operating system continues to seek for the contact update. One solution is to delete all contacts in the phone and sync the phone with iTunes, but it only works if you have “healthy” backups in your computer.

On the other hand the overheating problem could be caused by Locations Tracking, which continuously tries to update the phone’s position. An easy fix is by disabling the “Setting Time Zone” at the Settings>Location Services>System Services. However it appears that only some iOS 5 devices to experience the problem. Apple is still silent, but it’s certain that the company is preparing a real fix in the next update of iOS5.

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