Samsung E760

Samsung has come out with an amazing version of mobile phone and technology that would make a tech savvy go crazy.

The Samsung E760 has a unique design and comes with an elegant silver casing and black edging. You would simply love the overall appearance of this phone. It is a member of Samsung E710 family and comes with great features.

You can call this mobile phone, a futuristic phone that would be extremely useful for the family. The features in this mobile phone are phenomenal and you would simply love the technological approach, these features have.

The unique feature:
The Samsung E760 is available to you with a unique motion recognition feature. This feature is known as M-button. It offers you an access to sway from a particular mp3 tune to another one in a left to right motion. You can easily adjust the volume via shaking the phone with an upward and downward movement.

Memories and cherished moments:
The 1.3 megapixel camera, integrated in to the Samsung E760 with 5x digital zoom allows you to take pictures and rejoice your cherished moments in life. The display quality of the mobile phone is perfect.

This is contributed by the internal TFT 262k color screen. You can easily apply ten unique setting to the photo effects. Picture with Samsung E760 is great fun. You have the option of selecting from three different modes of shooting. These modes include mosaic shot, single shot and multi shot. You can also take video recordings in H263 formats, MPEG4, 3GPP and the user-friendly video player.

Messaging facilities:
You have the option to send MMS, EMS, SMS and email via Samsung E760.

Other features:
You can easily benefit from Bluetooth wireless technology and Java games on purchasing a Samsung E760.

Purchase a Samsung E760 today and pocket the difference

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