Motorola Droid RAZR HD Review

The Droid RAZR was a huge success last year and with the Droid RAZR HD, Motorola is back with their new flagship. Touting a 4.7” display, the phone may easily impress many users. The Droid RAZR HD is a part of the natural evolution process, with noticeable improvements in all areas, compared to its predecessor.


The Motorola RAZR HD comes with a 4.7” 720p AMOLED HD display and with a pixel density count of 312ppi, the phone nearly matches Apple’s Retina Display technology. The Corning Gorilla Glass 2 protects the display effectively against scratches. Everything looks stellar on the display, although it still uses the dated PenTile technology. We also have a fast 1.5GHz Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, which is supported by 1GB of RAM. The 16GB of onboard storage is present as well and it is expandable with up to 32GB microSD card. With a 2350mAh battery, the phone can last more than a day with average usage.


The phone is covered in brushed aluminum which is protected by a Kevlar coating. While the Galaxy S3 feels rather slippery with its smooth back, the RAZR HD can be gripped much more easily. Unfortunately, the phone has some sharp edges that you can easily notice after awhile.


The Motorola RAZR is equipped with RAZR HD and the company says that the Android 4.1 update is coming soon. Motorola’s unique enhancement of the OS, brings some unique features including the circle-shaped widget that offers real-time information on battery stats, weather and time.

The Face Unlock feature is still supported and the phone also comes with a number of bloatware, including Modern Combat 3, Amazon, Real Racing 2, Quick Office and others. The operating system seems to run efficiently and once the Android 4.1 update arrives, the RAZR HD could be even better.

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