Four 8 Megapixel Cell Phones Of Your Choice


Yes, the wait is finally over. The shootout sequel is finally here to make the users feel special.

The market place is full of GSM phone and this leaves a very little space for handsets that can deliver the best of images. Yes, there needs to a whole lot of imaging devices available for people who would like to get the best out of a mobile communication device.

The Grand 8 megapixel shootout series is for those who want more than just a little bit of multimedia and entertainment form their mobile communication device. Yes, the series is more than just a plain digicam.


The series promises the latest and supreme camera phone features. The pure camera performance coming from these phones are to die for. So, if you are all excited about the shooting challenge, don’t miss out on something as impeccable and interesting as this is.

The Grand 8 megapixel shootout is about taking carefully in consideration all the important factors related to excellent camera image quality.

When it comes to image quality, special, consideration is provided to dynamic range, resolved detail, internal image processing, color accuracy and lens quality.

There is much more to look for in the series such as autofocus, close-ups low light scenes and the way camera software handles exposure. You would also find some extra goodies such as excellent flash performance, geotagging, smile detection and shot-to-shot speed.

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Accessories available with this phone:
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