Android Market is Expected to Surpass Apple’s App Market in 2012

The number of apps published in the Android Market has climbed past the 500,000 mark in September. However, more than 37% percent of them have been removed due to various reasons, such as incompatibility with latest Android versions, lack of support, unresolved bugs and unacceptable quality.

As a comparison, more than 600,000 apps have been submitted to the Apple’s App Store and about 24 percent of them have been removed. Although Apple regularly removes apps with outdated and inappropriate content, its current application catalogue still surpasses that of Android. A firmer application submission guideline may prevent more developers from publishing sub-standard apps.

However, if the Android Market continues to grow at present rate, it is set to exceed the App Store by apps published. Between mid-2010 and early 2011, Android Market grow about 130 percent, while at the same period time, Apple’s App Market only grew about 45 percent. By summer 2012, Android users may download more applications than do their iOS user counterparts. At June 2012, the monthly download figure in both markets will reach 3.2 billion per month each, and after that, Android Market may easily eclipse App Store’s download figure.

Of course, we shouldn’t concentrate too much on the quantity contest between Android and Apple, as there is more to mobile industry than application. Innovations in hardware and operating system will also significantly determine the success of a mobile platform. In the end, hundreds of Angry Birds clones won’t improve the overall quality of the mobile ecosystem that much.


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